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Ultimate Moscow Mule Recipe

Ultimate Moscow Mule Recipe

We’ve always been passionate about making the perfect moscow mule. This cocktail is the perfect balance of spicy, tart, and sweet all rolled into one refreshing beverage! The moscow mule is often served in a copper mug to keep the drink ice cold and transmit that cool sensation directly to your lips. If you've ever sipped on a mule, you will know the sensation and may even find it hard to put into words (other than amazing)!

Because the ingredients in this cocktail are acidic, it's important to always use a moscow mule mug with steel-lining in order to prevent copper from leaching into your delicious drink.

The moscow mule is a relatively simple cocktail and requires only a few ingredients:


Choose your favorite brand of vodka for this recipe and don't be afraid to use the good stuff! The smoother the vodka, the smoother the cocktail.

Ginger Beer

Ginger beer gives this cocktail its signature flavor and a kick that helped inspire its name. If you haven't had ginger beer before, it is spicy, sweet and highly addictive. You can find ginger beer in most grocery stores; three popular brands include Reed's Extra Ginger Beer, Bundaberg Ginger Beer, and Fentimans Ginger Beer. Our favorite ginger beer is homemade ginger beer if you have the time!

Fresh Lime Juice

Don't think about using anything other than fresh lime juice in this recipe. The bottled stuff just doesn't compare. Grab a few limes because you're going to have a hard time stopping at one moscow mule - trust us. Slice the limes into wedges to squeeze the juice into the drink or get extra fancy and juice the limes with a citrus press or reamer.


This drink is best enjoyed cold. Crushed or cubed, any ice will do! Fill your copper mug with ice and we promise your cocktail will stay cold until your last sip. 

Ultimate Moscow Mule
Serves 1

    1 1/2 ounces premium vodka
    1/2 ounce fresh lime juice
    1/2 cup ginger beer
    Lime wedge for garnish

      Pour vodka and lime juice into copper mugs
      Add ice and ginger beer
      Stir to combine
      Garnish with a lime wedge


      Aug 16, 2018 • Posted by Moscow Muled

      Hi Larry, please see our article that discusses the ginger bug along with a recipe to make it yourself at home:

      Aug 16, 2018 • Posted by Larry

      what is ginger bug, how is it made or is it purchased?

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