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White Russian Mule

White Russian Mule

After a delicious meal we love a slightly sweet cocktail to sip along with our dessert. Enter the White Russian. You've probably had a White Russian in a rocks glass, but have you ever thought to sip on one from a moscow mule mug? Our mugs aren't just for the classic moscow mule! The White Russian looks and tastes divine when paired with a gorgeous handmade mule mug. Your guests will be so impressed with such a unique pairing. Plus the copper mugs help keep the drink extra frosty!

There are only three ingredients in this simple cocktail:


We recommend your favorite vodka, and as premium as you can afford.

Coffee Liqueur

A high-quality coffee flavored liqueur is key to this recipe. Kahlua is a classic favorite from Mexico, but we recommend experimenting with other brands you are familiar with. There are also many excellent craft distilleries creating their own signature coffee liqueur that are worth a try.

Heavy Cream

Cream makes this cocktail creamy, rich and unexpected. You could also try substituting milk or a milk-alternative like full-fat coconut milk.

White Russian Mule

two Moscow Muled mugs filled with creamy white liquid and sprinkled with coffee

Serves 1


2 oz vodka
1 oz coffee flavored liqueur
1 oz heavy cream


Pour vodka and coffee flavored liqueur over ice in a moscow mule copper mug
Slowly add cream
Stir if desired

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