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Irish Mule Recipe

Irish Mule Recipe

We love testing variations on the traditional Moscow Mule! The Irish Mule uses whiskey instead of vodka and would be the perfect drink for a St. Patrick's Day party! This refreshing cocktail goes down very easily and your friends will be dying to know how you made it. Copper mugs help keep this drink extra cool - both in temperature and fashion.

Three simple ingredients combine to make this Irish inspired cocktail:

Irish Whiskey

A high-end Irish whiskey will shine in this recipe. Use your favorite or search around for a good brand.

Ginger Beer

We consider ourselves ginger beer connoisseurs and we think ginger beer should have a strong ginger flavor without too much sugar. Some brands just taste too sweet! We love making our own homemade ginger beer.

Lime Juice

Go fresh or go home. Bonus points if you have a citrus press or reamer!

Irish Mule
Serves 1


1.5 oz of Irish Whiskey
3 oz of ginger beer
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
Splash of cocktail bitters


Mix together whiskey, ginger ale, and juice from half a lime in moscow mule mugs
Pour over ice and top off with 2 splashes of bitters
Garnish with the other half of the lime

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