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Top 9 Canned Moscow Mules: The Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

Top 9 Canned Moscow Mules: The Complete Guide (Updated 2024)

If you love the Moscow Mule, you probably know that canned Moscow Mules are all the rage. But what is the best canned Moscow Mule? In this post, we reveal the top 9 canned Moscow Mules along with detailed tasting notes to guide you to the right brand for you. Let's dive in!


Moscow Muled copper mug filled with liquid ice cubes lime slice and sprig of herb

The Moscow Mule is a cocktail traditionally served in copper mugs. It became a popular drink among celebrities in Hollywood and spread through both the East and West coasts in the decades since the 1940s. This cocktail is a favorite in bars, at parties and in a variety of watering holes around the world. The Moscow Mule is a concoction of vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, and ice. Today, there are several premade canned mule brands available to permit you to enjoy the traditional Moscow Mule with even more convenience.

In this article, you will read about:

  • The origin of the Moscow Mule
  • The formula and presentation of the Moscow Mule
  • Canned and premade Moscow Mules  
  • Reviews of Popular Moscow Mule Bands in Can, including:
    • The Copper Can
    • Joia Spirit Sparkling Moscow Mule
    • Cutwater Fugu Moscow Mule
    • Mule 2.0 Moscow Mule
    • GingerHead Moscow Mule
    • ‘Merican Mule Moscow Style
    • Salt Point Moscow Mule
    • Cabana Coast Moscow Mule
    • Russian Standard Moscow Mule

Origin of the Moscow Mule

back of people lining on a bar counter facing bottles of alcoholic beverage

The origin of the Moscow Mule dates way back to 1941, when the first delivery of Cock ‘n’ Bull ginger beer arrived in New York. An informal meeting between Jack Morgan (owner of Cock ‘n’ Bull ginger beer), John Martin (president of G.F. Heublein Brothers Inc), and Rudolph Kunett (president of Pierre Smirnoff) paved the way for the inception of the Moscow Mule. At that time, Morgan was discovering ways to promote his ginger beer.  The three gathered in the Chatham Hotel in New York and thought of mixing their products together to make a new alcoholic concoction.

The Drink & Its Presentation

The three businessmen mixed two ounces of vodka with Morgan’s ginger beer, squeezed lemon over it, and added ice. When each of them had a share of the drink, they raised their cups and gulped it simultaneously. The taste electrified them, and a few days later, they named it the Moscow Mule.

Aside from its taste, the Moscow Mule boosts its appeal due to its presentation. Bartenders serve it in shiny copper mule mugs.  Some alcohol connoisseurs say that it is “blasphemous” not to serve Moscow Mules in copper mugs.

So, why serve Moscow Mule in copper mugs?

The copper mug perks up the flavor of the Moscow Mule and prolongs its chilly temperature. Experts say that the mixture of vodka and ginger beer oxidizes the copper and improves the aroma and the taste. Copper mugs boost the carbon in ginger beer and make the drink fizzier. Copper also affects the tanginess of lime juice and blends it better with vodka and ginger beer.

The Canned Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule has since evolved. In particular, distillers have come out with an innovative way to distribute this popular drink minus the traditional copper mule mug. Following the steps of companies that sell gin tonics and wines in cans, Moscow Mule manufacturers canned this popular drink for mass distribution. 

The canned Moscow Mule is an all-year-round drink perfect for any season. Sold either in singles or in 4 packs, premade Moscow Mules in cans are very easy to bring in excursions, out of town trips, or just enjoy at home without the work of obtaining the ingredients and preparing the cocktail.

You can easily de-stress with a can of Moscow Mule in hand. Although canned Moscow Mules are refreshing as they are, nothing stops you from drinking them using your own copper mugs and enjoying the Moscow Mule the old-fashioned way and the way it was meant to be enjoyed. You can purchase authentic copper mugs from various online stores at reasonable prices.

Among the most popular premade Moscow Mule in can brands are the following: The Copper Can, Joia Spirit Sparkling Moscow Mule, Cutwater Fugu Moscow Mule, Mule 2.0 Moscow Mule, GingerHead Moscow Mule, ‘Merican Mule, Salt Point Moscow Mule, Cabana Coast Moscow Mule, and the Russian Standard Moscow Mule.

Moscow Mule in Can vs Moscow Mule in Copper Mug

So, which taste better? The Moscow Mule in a can or the Moscow Mule in a copper mug? There is really no contest here. Definitely, the Moscow Mule tastes better when sipped from a copper mug. Yet, having canned premade Moscow Mules offers many conveniences in terms of accessibility and mobility. You can bring it anywhere, and it’s easy to chill. You won’t spill it since its tightly sealed as all canned drinks are.

The best thing to do is to buy your preferred Moscow Mule in a can and pour it into your own copper mug. Problem solved. You’ve got the best of both worlds – a refreshing premade Moscow Mule poured in an old classic copper mug.

Review of Canned Moscow Mule Brands 

The Copper Can

Unlike other Moscow Mule brands, The Copper Can is not sugary and has a strong vodka taste. This brand has a perfectly balanced flavor due to the right allocation of 6x distilled vodka, organic lime, and fresh ginger. The distillers made their product affordable without sacrificing its refreshing taste and quality. With 10% ABV, The Copper Can is boozy yet smooth with an outstanding flavor.  Surprisingly, this canned Moscow Mule tastes as great as those that are served fresh by bartenders in copper mugs.

Joia Spirit Sparkling Moscow Mule

This Moscow Mule is so well-made that those who tasted it said that they were tempted to guzzle everything in one gulp. Yes, the Joia Spirit Sparkling Moscow Mule is that good. Although it has only 7% ABV, it doesn't take away anything from this canned cocktail. The combined taste of sweet apricot, ginger, and lime goes well with its perky vodka content.

Cutwater Fugu Moscow Mule

The Cutwater Fufu Moscow Mule sets itself apart by using premium Fugu Vodka. Aside from adding ginger and lime, the distiller blended this award-winning vodka with selected bitters, creating a distinguished taste. With 7% ABV, Cutwater Fugu Moscow Mule is all at once bitter, spicy, sweet, and strong, yet smooth and pleasing to drink.

Mule 2.0 Moscow Mule

Mule 2.0's well-designed packaging may compel you to grab it upon sight since it imitates the traditional copper mule mugs. With 8% ABV, the taste is as authentic as its appealing appearance. Packed in a skinny copper-brown can, Mule 2.0 stands out due to its flavor and it tastes as though your Moscow Mule is being served straight from the bar and not from a can. Mule 2.0 is gluten-free with an outstanding spicy, gingery and limey taste.

GingerHead Moscow Mule

The name says it all – this one is packed with a robust ginger flavor. GingerHead Moscow Mule is a neutral grain spirit with 8% ABV. Upon opening the can, the scent of ginger immediately floods out and builds your anticipation. The flavor produces an outburst of tingling sensation in your throat which makes it hard to put it down. The first sip compels you to take another, and, until the last drop, you won't even notice that you've finished the whole can.

'Merican Mule "Moscow Style"

'Merican Mule is made from all-natural ingredients sourced within the United States. The distiller boasts that its famed canned cocktail is a premium distilled spirit, gluten-free, and not made with alcohol from cane sugar or malt. 'Merican Mule Moscow Style flavor is handcrafted with 7% ABV and can be bought in singles or 4-packs. Following distinct canned Moscow Mule craftsmanship, each can of 'Merican Mule tastes like it's freshly mixed by a bartender standing right in front of you.

Salt Point Moscow Mule

Salt Point Moscow Mule deviates from the expected taste of mules by adding a dash of pineapple. It has the standard ginger, lime plus vodka concoction but the pineapple leaves a certain sweetness which is different and addictive. At the same time, the ginger-laced beer cannot be ignored and gives the pleasurable drink a heck of a punch.

Cabana Coast Moscow Mule

Cabana Coast Moscow Mule is an instant contender in the Moscow Mule arena simply because it is from a known Canadian distillery, Iconic Brewing Company. The company is 'fueled by their passion to enhance your drinking experience and our unrivaled pursuit of liquid innovation".  The company's vision-mission should give you a hint about the quality of Cabana Coast Moscow Mule. With 7% ABV, this Moscow Mule brand has an enticing aroma from its mixture of zesty lime, premium vodka, and peppery ginger. Cabana Coast Moscow is an excellent aperitif to prepare the pallet for a full meal, so consider serving them to your guests before dinner.

Russian Standard Moscow Mule

The Russian Standard Moscow sparkles with its golden yellow color. It has an aromatic scent arising from its crisp and lemon seltzer finish. Vodka plus crystallized ginger creates a snappy sugary-spicy taste which may make you forget that it's an alcoholic drink. Although it is quite mellow, this Moscow Mule brand is not weak and has enough punch to stir your senses.

blue table chart of canned moscow mules comparison

The Moscow Mule: A Toast to Life

The  Moscow Mule is Oprah’s favorite drink. That says a lot about the nature of this famous cocktail. No wonder Hollywood bigwigs want to be seen photographed with a Moscow Mule in hand.  Perhaps the combination of different parts of vodka, ginger beer, and lime says as much about life as it does about the drink. That is, when life throws things at you, don’t stress. Turn them into a cocktail instead! In other words, persevere through it and come out strong and classy, like an unbeatable Moscow Mule.

Let’s raise our Moscow Mules, whether in a can or in a copper mug – here’s to life!

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