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Mexican Mule

Cinco de Mayo is in two days and you need a signature cocktail for your party stat. Look no further! The Mexican Mule tastes like a combination of a margarita and a moscow mule - can you think of a more beautiful pairing? Tequila, ginger beer and lime combine to make this fresh cocktail that's perfect for long summer nights spent on the patio. The nickel-lined copper mugs help keep the drink extra cool and are a great conversation piece. Try this mule drink twist at your next party and score major brownie points for originality!

Three simple ingredients combine to create this flavor powerhouse:


Use your favorite tequila and preferably not the cheap swill you drank at university. Our palettes have evolved! ;)

Ginger Beer

A high-quality ginger beer will make this recipe. Everyone's tastes are different, but we prefer ginger beer that is heavy on the ginger and light on the sugar. Make your own homemade ginger beer or check out Dickie's Ginger if you can find it.

Lime Juice

We always advocate for fresh lime juice and think every home bar should have a handheld citrus press to simplify the job of juicing limes. Say goodbye to lime juice in the eye! Unless you enjoy that, in which case, carry on.

Mexican Mule
Serves 1


2 oz tequila
4 oz ginger beer
1/2 oz lime juice
Salted lime wedge


Add tequila and lime juice to a Moscow Mule copper mug along with crushed ice
Top with ginger beer and a salted lime wedge for garnish

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