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Top 9 Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipes

Top 9 Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipes

Want to try the delicious Cranberry Moscow Mule? Read on to learn the top 8 Cranberry Mule recipes anywhere on the internet. Let's get started!


What's better than a Moscow Mule, you ask? Well, depending on your preferences, maybe a Cranberry Moscow Mule! The classic Mule is surely an experience of its own, but the Cranberry Mule will have your taste buds thanking you and asking for more! It only takes a few minutes, and it's so simple to make. Here you will learn the different ways you can prepare it, what appetizers best accompany it, fun alternatives to the drink, and much more.

What is a Cranberry Moscow Mule?

After the classic Moscow Mule was invented at the Cock 'n Bull bar in Los Angeles, California, bartenders started to play around with different flavors and garnishes, adding their own twists to the popular drink. This is how the Cranberry Mule was born.

This Mule is the fun and (depending on who you ask) the more attractive version of the original Mule. Although it essentially has most of the same ingredients that give it that gingery, tangy flavor, the Cranberry Mule has, you guessed It... cranberry! Additions such as cranberry syrup, cranberry juice, and/or actual cranberries complement the robust bitterness of the ginger beer with some sweet notes, making it all come together for a well-rounded experience. 

copper mug with citrus slice wedged on its rim placed on a silver coaster

How and When is it Served?

Holiday Parties 

The Cranberry Mule is a perfect signature drink for any type of festivity and at any time of the year, but it is especially fitting for holiday parties, as cranberries are in season during this time of year. Not to mention that this drink looks very festive and seasonal, making it aesthetically pleasing and perfect for photos.

Other Occasions 

This cocktail doesn’t limit itself to just the wintry seasons. A Cranberry Moscow Mule is also perfect for other types of occasions, such as weddings and summer events. The cranberry gives this cocktail a sultry vibe and the ginger beer makes for a great refresher on hot summer nights.

Big Batches 

You can serve the Cranberry Mule as singles, but this could be a little time consuming for whoever is making them, especially if you have a big party. A good option in these instances is making the drink in bulk.  

Sometimes we tend to think that making drinks in batches is not as glamorous as making each cocktail singularly, perhaps because it reminds us of our college days. However, let us assure you that it's just as wonderful and classy as making cocktails one at a time... and a lot more efficient. 

For big batch mule prep measurements, keep reading! 

beverage placed on a black tray being carried by a waiter

What Foods Should You Serve it With?

Just as red wine is paired remarkably well with red meat, a Cranberry Moscow Mule can enhance your gastronomic experience if you pair it with certain foods. Here's a list of a few fun appetizers you can serve at your party that go perfectly with the Cranberry Mule.


  • Fried shrimp toast
  • Fish taco bites 
  • Blue cheese stuffed shrimp

Vegetarian Options:

  • Vegetable spring rolls 
  • Sweet and spicy jalapeno poppers, spicy edamame

Top Recipes for the Cranberry Mule

We love this cocktail because it's so easy to whip up, with a prep time of only 5 minutes for the classic variation. Check out the different ways you can make this fabulous drink your own, including with fun add-ons as well as low calorie and virgin options. 

The Classic Cranberry Mule

Moscow Muled copper mug filled with liquid ice sprig of herb and surrounded by cranberries side view

Out of all the different ways to make a Cranberry Moscow Mule, we feel like this one is the simplest and most popular. Check it out!


  • 2 oz cranberry juice
  • 6 oz ginger beer
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • Lime wedges, rosemary springs, fresh cranberries or frozen cranberries for garnish


  1. The first step is to mix the ingredients. Pour the ginger beer, cranberry juice, vodka, and lime juice into a cup and stir. 
  2. Top it off with fresh cranberries, lime wedges, and fresh rosemary and it's ready to be served.

The Classic with DIY Cranberry Juice

many pieces of cranberries and glass jar full of cranberries on the right side

Although this method of preparation has an extra step, it will still only take you 15 minutes max to whip up. The homemade cranberry juice makes the final product worth the effort.


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 pack of fresh cranberries
  • 3/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup of vodka
  • 3 cups of ginger beer
  • And, for garnish, some lime wedges, and fresh cranberries


  1. You will need a small saucepan. Put the fresh cranberries in the pan. 
  2. After you turn on the heat, you can add the sugar and water until it boils while stirring until soft. 
  3. Turn off heat and let the cranberries cool down. 
  4. With a mesh strainer, strain the cranberries. 
  5. Before making the drink, allow the cranberries to fully cool down.
  6. Then put the fresh cranberry juice, vodka, and lime juice in a pitcher.
  7. Lastly, add the ginger beer.
  8. Gently stir.

Infused Vodka Cranberry Mule

This Cranberry Moscow Mule recipe is an herbaceous dream. This method requires a little pre-preparation and is a fun take on the original. You will enjoy it.


  • 2 cups of vodka
  • 3 sprigs of rosemary
  • 1 1/2 oz cranberry juice
  • 3/4 cup of ginger beer
  • Juice 1/2 lime
  • Crushed ice


  1. Add rosemary sprigs and vodka to a bottle. 
  2. Let it sit for 2 days. 
  3. Add crushed ice, lime juice, cranberry juice, infused rosemary vodka, and lastly the ginger beer.
  4. Stir well and it's ready to be served.

Cranberry Orange Moscow Mule

This Cranberry Mule recipe has an extra zing to it, making it even more flavorful recipe.


  • 2 oz. cranberry juice
  • 1 oz. orange juice
  • 2 oz. vodka
  • 6 oz. ginger beer 
  • Orange slices and cranberries for garnish


  1. Mix the cranberry juice, orange juice, and vodka shaker until it is well mixed.
  2. Fill a cup with ice, pour the mix then add ginger beer.
  3. Add garnishes as you like.

The Whiskey Cranberry Mule

If you enjoy smooth liquors such as bourbon, you're going to like this recipe. The strong notes of oak and vanilla from the bourbon give this Cranberry Mule a different twist, and adding a little apple cider makes it a pleasantly distinctive Mule.


  • 2 oz bourbon 
  • 4 oz apple cider
  • 1 oz cranberry juice 
  • 4 oz ginger beer
  • Ice cubes 
  • Apple slices
  • Frozen cranberries 
  • Rosemary sprigs


  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Add the bourbon.
  3. Then top with cranberry juice and apple cider.
  4. Finally, add ginger beer.
  5. Stir gently. Then you can add garnishes as you please, such as apple slices, cranberries, and rosemary sprigs. Then it's ready to serve!

Sangria Cranberry Mule

This twist on the Cranberry Mule is perfect for wine lovers. Here's a way you can incorporate some reds into your Mule.


  • 4 oz red wine (try getting a semi to dry wine like a pinot noir, as this prevents the drink from being too sweet)
  • 1 oz vodka 
  • Juice of 1/2 lime 
  • Cranberry juice 
  • Ice 
  • 1/2 can ginger beer 
  • Cranberries for garnish 


  1. Add wine, vodka, and ginger beer to a mug.
  2. Top with ice and lastly ginger beer.
  3. It's ready to serve.

Make it Spicy

If you're feeling bold and want to take your taste buds on an adventure, try these invigorating add-ons. Perfect for spring and summertime.

  • Add a little hot sauce to your mule. 
  • Use spicy, high-quality ginger beer instead of regular ginger beer.
  • Cut up some jalapeno slices and add them to your drink as a garnish. 
  • Add some chili salt on the rim of the glass or in it!

A Mocktail Cranberry Mule

Just because a drink doesn’t have any alcohol doesn't mean it has to be dull. There's plenty of flavor in all the other remaining ingredients to keep it flavorful, so don’t you worry. Exclude the liquor and, if you want to make the drink completely alcohol free, substitute ginger beer with ginger ale. Although keep in mind that the alcohol content in ginger beer is extremely low.

Substitutions and Add-Ons

If one of the ingredients in the recipe isn't your favorite, you can substitute and mix-and-match any of these ingredients depending on your preferences in order to make the Mule your own. Here's a list of the different options you can try with your cocktail:

  • Vodka, rum, gin, wine, or bourbon.  
  • Ginger beer or ginger ale.
  • Freshly squeezed lime or lime juice concentrate.
  • Cranberry syrup, juice, or cranberry sprite.
  • Mint leaves.
clear glass filled with peachy white liquid cranberries and mint leaves

Low-Calorie Option

Let's be honest, the Cranberry Moscow Mule is not the most diet-friendly drink out there. Between the high sugars in the cranberry juice and the ginger beer, there are a few hundred calories in one serving. But don’t be alarmed, because there are ways around it to keep your favorite drink keto and diet-friendly. In particular,  making these replacements will make a significant difference to the number of calories you consume:  

  • Replace regular ginger beer with diet ginger beer (preferably with no high fructose corn syrup).
  • Use sugar-free cranberry juice or natural organic cranberry juice rather than regular high sugar juice.
  • Consider sugar substitutes such as sweeteners.

Big Batch Measurements

Sometimes making things in bulk makes more sense than making them one by one. When you're hosting, let's say... more than 6 people, it's probably a good idea to make cocktails in larger quantities. The following measurements will serve you well.



  • 1 (750ml) bottle of vodka
  • 1 bottle of cranberry juice
  • 2.5 (16oz) bottles of ginger beer
  • 8 limes

1 gallon:

  • 2 bottles of vodka
  • 1 bottle of cranberry juice
  • 5 ginger beer
  • 12 limes

2 gallons:

  • 3 bottles of vodka
  • 3 bottles of juice
  • 10 bottles of ginger beer
  • 25 limes.

The night before:

  1. Make lots of ice.  
  2. Combine all the shelf-stable ingredients.
  3. Make lime juice with freshly squeezed limes. We recommend getting a juice squeezer if you don't already have one.


This widely multifaceted cocktail can be so easily adapted to your lifestyle. From the classic to the low-calorie Cranberry Mules, you can make this drink your own at every level. It's so practical and simple to make year round! 

Whether you are planning a party, wanting to make a Cranberry Moscow Mule for yourself, or just wanting to get general information on this cocktail, we hope this was helpful to you. Cheers!

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